The Grand Classic®

A great opportunity to see Full Classic® Cars up close

What is a Grand Classic?

A Grand Classic is a premier judged show for Classic Cars using CCCA judging standards

An excellent opportunity to show your 

Full Classic® car and have it evaluated

on Classic Car Club of America standards


The weekend event begins with

a driving opportunity or a conducted tour

that may visit places like…

A world-class restoration facility…

Private collections – 

some not usually open to the public…

Discover the history of transportation…

Learn about alternative propulsion

like electric or steam…

How cars & watercraft development

were related…

Stop along the way for food,

refreshments, and ice cream…

Enjoy dinner & cocktails at an

elegant restaurant…

Watch as cars are placed on the field

for the Grand Classic car show & judging

Full Classic® cars are judged

on CCCA standards 

for operation & appearance

Visitors can enjoy the car show

while the judging results are tabulated

A banquet & awards ceremony concludes

the Grand Classic weekend

Grand Classic® Information

A “Grand Classic®” is the premier judged car show for the Classic Car Club of America. Grand Classics® are held several times each year and in different regions around North America to make it easier for members to participate. CCCA judging standards are used at Grand Classics and by all of the major concours shows.

A CCCA National 1st Place award is recognized throughout the hobby as the standard of excellence. Competing in a Grand Classic® is a good opportunity to see how your car “stacks up” and what, if anything, you need to do to preserve it in an historically correct manner.

There is a Grand Classic® every other year in Michigan – typically in June or July with the location alternating between the CCCA Museum on the grounds of the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI and the Dearborn Inn, Dearborn, MI. These are weekend events – in addition to the ‘judged car show’ each Grand Classic includes a number of fun activities such as a driving or conducted tour that visits significant and interesting venues, great food, and an Awards Banquet.

The public is invited to the ‘car show’ but other activities are only open to CCCA members and their guests. You must be a member of CCCA to register a car and only CCCA approved Full Classics® cars are allowed on the show field. However, your Full Classic® car doesn’t need to be a ‘Show Car’ or ‘Trailer Queen’ to participate – we have a Touring Class for cars that are more ‘drivers’ than show cars.


The following button will take you to a slideshow of one day in a recent Grand Classic (photos taken by our club Photographer, Don Woods III).  This day starts with entrants convening at a member’s private residence for brunch and a tour of the grounds.  After the brunch the group proceeds to a local club where cars are assembled on the showfield for judging and viewing by the public.  In the evening a social hour followed by an Awards Banquet concludes the day. 

Grand Classic Registration Information

You can view and download the registration forms and details by clicking on this button:

(NOTE: This link will take you to the CCCA website
where you must be a member in order to log in)


  1. One for persons attending the Activities (to be sent to the sponsoring CCCA Region) and
  2. One for each Classic Car you want to exhibit (to be sent to the Classic Car Club of America)

Grand Classic Events Calendar

Grand Classic Events Calendar