Judging Classic Cars

An opportunity to learn more about Full Classic® Cars

Judging Full Classic® Cars

Have you ever wondered

how Full Classic® cars

are judged?

And could I learn to judge 

Full Classic® cars?


To be eligible one must be

A member in good standing

of CCCA and

 trained in and adhere to

the CCCA Judging Rules

You start by attending a

Judge & Tabulator Training Seminar

The seminar is conducted by our

Area Head Judge

He explains the CCCA

Judging Rules and Form

You will learn how

individual scores are Tabulated

You will practice under the direction

of an experienced judge

You will serve as a

Judge-in-Training with

a Judging Team at a Grand Classic

You will complete & submit

the Judge’s Questionnaire


After demonstrating competence 

you will be assigned as a member of a

Grand Classic Judging Team

As you gain experience 

your Judge’s Resume will qualify you 

for more Judging responsibilities

You will progress from Judge,

to Accredited Judge, to Master Judge

 and be invited to judge

at other venues


With additional experience

you may one day judge with that ‘guy’

(on the far right) at a Concours

or other car show

Some of CCCA’s criteria for Judging Full Classic® Cars 

To be a Judge or Tabulator you:

  • Must be a member of CCCA in good standing
  • Agree to follow the CCCA Judging & Tabulating Rules & Procedures
  • Attend a Judging & Tabulator Seminar, serve as an Apprentice Judge or Tabulator, complete the Judges or Tabulator Questionnaire, and keep your Judges or Tabulator Resume up to date

But you do not have to own a Full Classic® Car to be a CCCA Judge!!!

  • Once you are qualified to judge or tabulate scores of CCCA car you will be contacted by our Head Judge or Assistant Head Judge and invited to participate in a designated meet.  If you agree, you will attend a Judge and Tabulator breakfast the morning of the meet for final instructions, questions, and assignment to a Judging or Tabulating Team

Personnel Involved in Judging at a CCCA Meet

There are several judging roles at a CCCA meet

  • Area Head Judge
  • Assistant Head Judge
  • Several Judging Teams of four judges each (one of whom is designated as the Team Leader) and an optional Apprentice Judge
  • Tabulators determine a cars’ final score by eliminating the highest and lowest score and then averaging the two remaining scores

Judge Accreditation

Judge designations:

  • Judge in Training (Apprentice)
  • Judge
  • Accredited Judge*
  • Master Judge*
    *Appropriate Lapel Badges and identification cards are furnished to Accredited and Master Judges.

Scoring Notes

  • The maximum score under CCCA rules is 100 points except for Touring Division, which is 93 points (since Touring is intended for original or partially restored cars any car scoring more than 93 points should be competing in a different Division)
  • A Judge must make an entry in every category on the Judging Form (no omissions allowed)
  • A Judge must make any authenticity decisions based on his/her personal knowledge
  • A judge does not total his/her own score – totaling a score is only done by Tabulators
  • A Tabulator determines a car’s final score by eliminating the highest and lowest individual scores and then averaging the remaining two scores

Some notes about CCCA Judging

  • A car does not have to be perfect.
  • Each car is competing with itself and not with the Classic parked next to it
  • Many cars are restored to a fit & finish better than originally manufactured – there is no penalty for over restoration as long as authenticity is maintained
  • CCCA judging standards are ‘as it was originally delivered’ – that sets the 100 point standard
  • The objective is to provide the most uniform and consistent judging possible
  • The exhibitor must be present when his/her car is judged
  • The exhibitor operates his/her vehicle when required during the judging
  • Some concessions to authenticity have been made for safety
  • A judge may not judge his/her own car, or a car on which he/she has performed significant restoration work.
  • Each Judge on a team works independently – not discussing or comparing scores

Cars exhibited at a meet are divided into Divisions as
either Competing or Non Competing for awards

  • Exhibitionnon competing
    (owners who wish a car to be exhibited but not judged)
  • New Coachwork/Alterednon competing
    (each car in this Division must be individually approved by Classifications Committee)
  • Touringcompeting
    (original Full Classic® cars used either for touring or partly restored cars)
  • Primarycompeting
    (fully restored & excellent original Full Classic® cars)
  • Seniorcompeting
    (Full Classic® cars that have won First Prize in the Primary Division)
  • Premiercompeting
    (Full Classic® cars that have won First Prize in the Senior Division)
  • Senior Emeritus ‘Judged’competing
    (all Senior or Premier First Place winners may enter after at least 3 years have elapsed since winning)
  • Senior Emeritus ‘Exhibition’non competing
    (all Senior, Senior ‘Winner’ and Premier ‘Winner’ Full Classic® cars whose owners wish a car to be exhibited but not judged)

Cars competing for awards are further categorized
for comparison purposes

Primary and Senior Divisions:

Production Classes

  • 1915 – 1924
  • 1925 – 1929
  • 1930 – 1932
  • 1933 – 1936
  • 1937 – 1939
  • 1940 – 1942
  • 1946 – 1948

Custom Classes

  • 1915 – 1924
  • 1925 – 1929
  • 1930 – 1932
  • 1933 – 1936
  • 1937 – 1939
  • 1940 – 1948

Touring and Premier Divisions:

  • Vintage: 1915 – 1924
  • Early: 1925 – 1932
  • Middle: 1933 – 1939
  • Late: 1940 – 1948

CCCA Awards


First, Second, and Third place trophies are awarded in each Division and presented at the banquet


Each 1st Place Primary winner will receive a Senior Oval Badge to be mounted visibly on the car

Each 1st Place Senior winner will receive a Senior Winner ring to add to the Senior Oval Badge to be mounted visibly on the car

Each 1st Place Premier winner will receive a Premier Badge to be added to the Primary and Senior badges & mounted visibly on the car

Note: Winners receive a badge only the first time the award is won


CCCA Judging Form

You can download and print a copy of the CCCA Judging Form by clicking on the following button: