Interesting, Odd & Fun

Stuff that is too interesting, fun or odd to ignore

Every so often we find ‘stuff’ that is related but doesn’t exactly fit into the website organization and mission statement – but some of it is too much fun or interesting to ignore.  If you find something that might fit on this page send it along for consideration to In the meantime explore with us…

The Interesting

Ethanol-free gasoline is still available!

It may not be cheap or convenient but it is still available.  Follow this link, enter a Zip Code and the map will show you where to go (remember many of the  locations are marinas so they will probably be closed in the winter)

< ethanol-free gas >


Want the lowest cost gasoline in your area?

Constantly updated by the public, this site helps you find the lowest cost gas wherever you are. Select the grade of fuel and then search by city or Zip Code

< follow this link to savings >

Gordon Buehrig

Tapes and transcripts of oral interviews with Gordon Buehrig (and many other historic automotive industry personalities) can be read on this site

< follow this link >


The Fun

Spoof of 2014 Michigan CARavan invitation

Planning the 2014 CARavan was lots of fun but sometimes we needed a break from the stress of deadlines and budgets.  Creating a spoof invitation broke the ice. We hope you enjoy it!

< click here to view the spoof slide show >



The Odd

Ever have some extra time on your hands?

Do you like to watch old movies – especially if they involve transportation?  Well here is a website (part of AACA so it is safe) where you will find several hundred films – some short, some longer – so enjoy!

< click here to see a selection of ‘old movies’ >


Could this be the worst car ever built?

The 1951 Hoffman is a strong contender – view the YouTube video and decide.  If you have a better candidate for this ‘award’ send us your nomination.

< click here to see the YouTube video >