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Stuff that may be too much fun to ignore.

Every so often I find  ‘stuff’ comes that doesn’t exactly fit in the website organization and
 ‘mission’ statement, but some of it is too much fun or interesting to ignore.  So explore with us……

Ever have some extra time on your hands ?
Do you like to watch old movies, especially if they involve transportation?  Well here is a site (part of AACA’s website so it is ‘safe’)  You will find several hundred films – some short; some longer – so enjoy!
< Click here to see a selection of ‘old movies’ >

Could this be the worst car ever built ? 
The 1951 Hoffman is a strong candidate – view the YouTube video.  Do you have a worse example?  Send us your nomination.

View the video on Youtube:
< The Worst Car Ever Built ? >


We had lots of fun on the 2014 CARavan ‘A Shore Thing!’ To break the stress of planning this event we created a SPOOF version of the invitation announcement – we hope you, too enjoy it!

Click on this link: < https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ERJqzw4V2XhGNMcMPfZ9mYmezfBPEPk/view >


In 2016 the Michigan Region was host to the National CCCA Annual Meeting in Novi, MI.  During the meeting there were more than sixteen V-16s on display in the exhibition hall and Bill Parfet had his One-of-a-Kind V-16 Cadillac Aerodynamic V-16 displayed on the original turntable outside of Harley Earl’s office in the original GM Design Studio.

Watch this video on Youtube: < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R64P7n6gZPs&feature=youtu.be > 

In 2016 the CCCA paid  special tribute to our own Katie Robbins. She was honored for her years of dedicated service and the club’s highest award has been renamed in her honor – it is now known as:

“The Katie Robbins Distinguished Service Award”

View the tribute video on Youtube: < https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=5_Z7M34MfHM&app=desktop >


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