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“Social media’ has the ability to be whatever a group of people make of it. 

This is an opportunity to observe and share current interests from a diverse group of contributors who have slightly different view points, bring new ideas to a discussion …. – you can participate or just passively observe; teach or learn; contribute or …

The site is somewhat restrictive – that is, we monitor contributors and contributions to maintain our focus on a Michigan Region, Classic Car related discussion.  There are plenty of other sites on which to publish political, religious, controversial material

We glean posts from participants who live around the world, bring new ideas and observations,

We offer many interesting pictures, links, videos, etc. addressing almost all things relating to Classic Cars® and Michigan/Ontario.  Although Facebook can be misused and has controversial issues, we think our Facebook page adds interest and value to our membership. It is not the forum for politics or fake news and it is actively monitored to see that we stay on message. Some examples of what you can view:


A variety of videos are displayed – some professional and some done by our members or others.

photo montage – cars owned by movie stars, the rich & famous or infamous

detailed photos of a particular car, designer, marque