2024 – March Activity – CCCA – MI Region

Join us in Dundee, Michigan for History of Michigan Museums – 

Start at 10 a.m. – Old Mill Museum, 242 Toledo St., Dundee, MI 48131

The first stop will be the Old Mill Museum in Dundee.  It was built in 1849 on the largest dam on the Raisin River.  The facility was first a grist mill, then later it was used to produce hydroelectricity.  In 1934 it was almost torn down when Henry Ford purchased it and converted it into a factory to produce welding tips.  The restoration was part of Henry’s effort to promote village industries around the state.

Lunch will follow at the Great Lakes Eatery and Pub at 123 Whitetail Dr., Dundee, MI  48131.  Participants will pay for lunch individually.

The last stop will be the River Raisin Battlefield at 333 N. Dixie Highway, Monroe, MI 48162.  This is a National Parks location and is full of significant Michigan history form the war of 1812.  For you see, during the was the Territory of Michigan was lost to the British at the battle of River Raisin (then called Frenchtown).  At the battle about 950 persons were killed, injured or captured. It was the largest fatalities of one single battle in the entire war of 1812.  After the battle, dozens of American too injured to walk were killed by Native Americans who had fought on the side of the British.  This became known as the River Raisin Massacre and this event has affected Native American policies to this day.  The Michigan territory stayed under the British until the battle of Lake Erie in September 1813, when supplies were effectively cut off.  Then in October of 1813 at the Battle of the Thames in Ontario, Tecumseh and the British were defeated returning Michigan to the US.  Many of the Americans at this last battle were heard to cry, “Remember the River Raisin”!


Mar 10 2024


10:00 AM - 2:00 PM




Old MIll Museum
242 Toledo St., Dundee, MI, 48131
Marcus A. Shelley


Marcus A. Shelley
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