Constitution & By-Laws

The Michigan Region was chartered by the Classic Car Club of America in 1956

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The name of the club shall be: MICHIGAN REGION, CLASSIC CAR CLUB of AMERICA

The purposes for which the Club is founded are: for the development, publication, and interchange of technical, historical, and other information for and among members and other persons who own or are interested in fine or unusual foreign or domestic motor cars built, in the main, between and including the years 1915 and 1948 and distinguished for their respective fine design, high engineering standards and superior workmanship; and to promote social intercourse and fellowship among its members; and to maintain references upon and encourage the maintenance and preservation of all such classic cars.

The purposes for which this Region is chartered by the National are: the furthering of the ideas and ideals of the National Club in a specific local area and to provide regional activities for the National members in this area.

Membership: Active membership in the Club shall be open throughout the Region to any person who shall be in sympathy with the interests and purposes of the Club

Associate Membership: This type of membership is open to any person, at the discretion of any Active Member in good standing, upon payment of the membership dues provided for this classification, and shall include all privileges enjoyed by the Active Membership except the right to receive publications. Associate Membership shall automatically cease upon termination of membership for any reason of the Active Member. As with the qualification with Active Membership, the Associate must also be a member of the National Club.

Dues: The amount of the annual dues of all classes of membership shall be determined by the Board of Managers of the Region and shall be in addition to the National dues.

Expulsion: Any member whose conduct is judged to be not in keeping with the best interest of the Club may be expelled after due hearing through the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Managers. A notice of the charge shall be sent by Registered Mail with proof of delivery service to the member against whom the charge has been presented and he or she shall be given a period of sixty days to present a defense before any action shall be taken.

Election of Managers: The active members shall elect from the membership at large, by plurality vote, each year, by blanket ballot, one-third of the total number serving on the Board. Managers shall serve for three years and until their successors are elected and qualify.

Nomination of Managers: A nominating committee of five active members appointed by the Director shall make nominations for Managers to be elected. Other nominations may also be submitted to the Secretary, not less than 60 days before the Annual Meeting, in a list signed by at least 25 Active and Associate Members.

Ballots: The Secretary shall prepare a blanket ballot containing the names of all persons nominated and mail it to all Active and Associate Members with the notice of the Annual Meeting. Ballots to be valid must be returned by mail postmarked at least five days before the date of the Annual Meeting.

Election of Officers: The Board of Managers at its first meeting within 15 days after the Annual Meeting of the membership shall elect by plurality vote from their number a Director, an Assistant Director, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, all to serve for at least one year and until their successors have been elected and qualify.

Director: The Director shall preside at all meetings, he or she shall appoint all committees, he or she shall have power to decide all questions of equal division and have all the powers and duties usually vested in the Director.

Assistant Director: The Assistant Director shall serve in the absence of the Director.

Secretary: The Secretary shall record all minutes of the Board of Managers and the meeting of the members. He or she shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Managers and those that pertain to the office.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall collect and disburse the funds of the Club as may be ordered by the Board of Managers. He or she shall render a financial report of the Club at the Annual Meeting and whenever the Director or the Board may require the same. He or she shall give bond at the expense of the Club.

Board of Managers: The Region shall be governed by a Board of at least 5 and no more than 15 Managers. They shall have the general management and control of all affairs and property of the Region and shall perform all the duties not specifically designated by this constitution. At any meeting a simple majority of Managers shall constitute a quorum. Unless otherwise provided, a majority vote shall decide.

Managers Meeting: Meetings shall be held at the call of the Director or upon the written application to the Secretary of not less than three Managers. Written notice of all meetings shall be given each Manager at least five days prior to the meeting.

Attendance Requirements for Board of Managers: Regionally elected managers absent without a satisfactory excuse from two consecutive regular meetings of the Board will be terminated.

Vacancies: Vacancies that shall occur for any reason shall be filled for the unexpired term by the Board at its next meeting.

Club Policy: This Club or any Region or Chapter thereof shall not under the Club name, participate in conjunction with any commercial activity

Amendments: Proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Managers. The proposed amendments shall be approved by a majority of the Managers present. A copy of the approved amendments shall be sent to all Board Members. Final adoption of the amendments shall be made at the next meeting of the Board, requiring a two- thirds vote by the Managers present. All amendments must be approved by the National Board of Directors. The amendment shall be in full force and effective upon receipt of written notification of approval by the National Board of Directors.

The National Board reserves the right to amend this constitution by majority vote of its members in attendance. All amendments approved by the National Board shall apply to the Constitution of all Regions.

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Section 1: The principal office of this Club shall be maintained at the office of the Secretary or other designated location. Section 2: The Secretary or other designee shall have custody of the Club Seal.

Section 1:  The Chairman of the Membership Committee may approve all applications for membership in this Club. Section 2:  Dues for all classes of membership shall be determined by the Board of Managers. Section 3:  Dues shall be charged for the fiscal year beginning November 1. Section 4:  Persons elected to membership during November and December are entitled to membership for the ensuing year.

Section 5:  Any member who falls in arrears for more than three months shall be dropped from the Rolls of Membership, and may be reinstated only after application to the Membership Committee and payment of the current year’s dues.

Section 6:  Any member of the Region who may find cause for dissatisfaction with its operation may appeal in writing to the Board of Managers.  The Board decision in the matter is final. Section 7:  The Annual Meeting of the Region, except the first such meeting after becoming chartered, shall be held on or about the first Sunday in November.  A written notice shall be sent to all members of record not less than fourteen nor more than thirty days before such meeting.  A quorum shall consist of those members attending the Annual Meeting.  The Director is not required to accept before the Annual Meeting any subject not communicated in writing to the Secretary at least ten days prior to the Annual Meeting. Section 8:  Roberts Rules of Order (revised) shall govern this Region in all cases where applicable, and in which they do not conflict with the Constitution of this Region. Section 9:  Cumulative and proxy voting is prohibited. Section 10:  Members to be eligible for election to the Board of Managers, must be willing to regularly attend Board of Managers meetings. Section 11:  All member of the Region must also be members of the National Club.  

Section 1:  No funds of this Region shall be paid out unless authorized by the Director of this Region.

Section 1:  There shall be three standing committees: Publications, Membership, and Activities Committees; and such other committees as the Director may deem expedient to appoint.

Section 2:  Each committee shall submit its report to the Board of Managers when requested to do so.

Section 3:  The Publication Committee shall consist of an Editor and such other members as may be required to publish all official Regional publications.

Section 4:  It shall be the duty of the Activities Committee to plan the schedule of all events pertaining to the exhibition of cars, the judging of cares, as well as to plan all programs concerning dinner, meets, tours, and entertainment for the members of the Club.

Section 5:  It shall be the duty of the Membership Committee to obtain new members and perform other duties that pertain to membership.


Section 1:  No Region shall schedule events on the dates of the three National functions: the Annual Meeting, the Grand Classic, and the Classic CARavan.

Section 2:  The Region shall submit to the Vice President in Charge of the Regions of the National Club within 90 days of the Region’s Annual Meeting an up-to-date list of members.

Section 1:  These By-Laws may be amended at any meeting of the Board of Managers by a majority vote of the Managers present, provided that notice of the proposed amendments is are given to all Members of the Board prior to the meeting. The Amendment shall be in full force upon receipt of written notification of its approval.

Section 2:  All amendments approved by the Vice President in Charge of Regions shall apply to all Regions unless said amendment shall originate in the Region and affects its operating procedure only, and in the opinion of the National Board of Directors, need not apply to all Regions.

Section 3:  The National Board of Directors reserves the right to amend these By-Laws.  All such amendments shall apply to all Regions.