Classic Vibrations

Newsletter published by the Michigan Region CCCA

Classic Vibrations is the Michigan/Ontario Region’s means of electronic communication to its members. It is faster and less costly to send via email – so please share your email address with us and place us on your ‘Safe Senders’ list so you get the latest information.

We issue two forms of Classic Vibrations:

  1. Newsletter – contains many articles of general interest and is usually issued on a quarterly timetable
  2. News and Updates –  a single topic notice of time-sensitive information 

Topics for the Classic Vibrations Newsletter can include:

  • Calendar of future club activities and events
  • Current club Activity announcements and reminders
  • A quiz (often with a prize awarded) to test one’s knowledge 
  • Members in the News
  • Miscellaneous and Fun ‘stuff’

Topics for Classic Vibrations News and Updates include:

  • Current activity announcement and reminders
  • Time sensitive announcements such as an Obituary notice
  • Changes to previous announcements

You can page through a recent edition of our Classic Vibrations Newsletter by clicking on the directional arrows (< or >) below: