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- CARavan -

a Full Classic® Car Driving Opportunity

 'CARavan' is the CCCA term for a club-sponsored driving tour.  While many members drive their Classics to our monthly activities, a CARavan is a more serious driving opportunity.  CARavans are usually of one week duration, cover distances of 500 miles or more and are planned under the auspices of National CCCA. The CCCA usually holds two or more CARavans each year, which are hosted by various Regions so they take place around the USA and Canada. There are also international CARavans in Europe & other parts of the world and once every five years there is a multiple week CARavan.


One of the great pleasures of being around Full Classic® cars - whether you own one or not -  is the opportunity to drive or ride in them.   We enjoy and encourage driving our cars (in fact, many find the cars can be maintained in better condition if they are driven regularly). 


- 2017 CCCA CARavan schedule -

You can get additional details, registration form, etc. by 'clicking' on each event date for which you are interested

May 12-21, 2017 Nordic CARavan in South: New Orleans

October 14-22, 2017 Scenic West CARavan

- Michigan Region CARavans -

The Michigan Region has hosted several CARavans - the most recent was in September 2014 - driving more than 1,100 miles up and down the Lake Michigan shoreline.  More than 60 cars and 120 people from around the USA and Canada participated in our 9-day trip over scenic roads, visiting historic sites, many private collections, wineries, Sleeping Bear National Park, lighthouses, etc.  

< Click here to see a slideshow of one day on the 2014 Michigan CARavan >


- Mini-CARavans -

Ontario Mini-CARavan - June 2015
The Michigan Region also plans an occassional Mini-CARavan - usually a two day overnight trip within our region or the upper midwest; sometimes in coordination with other adjacent Regions.  

The most recent was our June 2015 Ontario Mini CARavan with 30 participants in 20 cars.  We started at the Ontario Transportation Museum near Windsor, Ontario; went on to RM Restorations in Blenheim, and then to Steve Plunkett's Cadillac Auto Salon in London.  After a fine dinner & overnight in London we drove to Chatham to see Mike Fairbairn's collection, then to Sombra for ice cream and a ferry boat ride back to the USA, and on to a riverside dinner in St. Clair, MI. 

< Click here to see the fun we had on the Ontario Mini CARavan >

Indiana Mini-CARavan - March 18 & 19, 2016
We are planning a two-day, overnight trip to Shipshewana, Indiana on March 18 & 19 
 - in the heart of the Amish & Mennonite community - noted for its auctions, flea market, furniture & cabinets will be the destination.  Along the way we will visit some significant collections, historic venues, experience fine food, and enjoy driving our Classic Cars®.  Our Activities Committee is still making plans so stay tuned for details.

< Click here to see plans for the Indiana Mini CARavan >




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