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- The Ontario Mini Tour -

Saturday & Sunday, May 16 & 17, 2015

The weekend of May 16th and 17th (Saturday & Sunday) will take us on a leisurely drive through southwest Ontario where we will visit some of the finest collections, museums and facilities - significant automotive history - that we are fortunate to have within our Region.  What better opportunity to get your Classic out of the garage after the l-o-o-o-ong winter and put it through its paces while enjoying the comradery of friends and the generosity of our hosts. 

Reservations are arriving and I want you to be aware that our block of rooms is limited. If you are 'on the fence' about whether you can attend or not I suggest you make your reservation.  A room at the Stoneridge Inn is the potential limiting factor and they have allowed us a very generous cancellation policy - you can cancel your room reservation up until 4PM on Saturday, May 16th without penalty.  So make that call today !!!

Saturday, May 16th Itinerary
First Stop: Canada Transportation Museum, Kingsville, Ontario

  • We will convene at 9:00 AM at the Canada Transportation Museum for coffee & donuts.   The museum is a short, 30-minute drive from either the Ambassador Bridge or the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.  Early birds can order a full breakfast or tour the museum exhibits (Note: museum fees ($6 CA) not included in the registration package).


The "Supertest" Gas Station at the Canada Transportation Museum

See Charles Lindburg's Packard at the Canada Transportation Museum along with other exhibits.

  • Saturday's Second Stop: RM Restoration, Blenheim, Ontario
    RM Classic Cars has earned a reputation as one of the world's premier automotive restoration and auction facilities.  Here craftsmen & women with the talent and tools provide the services (often in the background and unheralded) that result in vehicles achieving numerous awards - for instance, since the year 2000 RM Restorations has been responsible for five (5) Best of Show winners at the Pebble Beach Concours.  We will tour the shops and have a chance to see what they are preparing for this year's show !  RM also has a museum and provides valuable auction services that we frequently use when buying or selling, researching or documenting, and displaying our vehicles & collections.  Before departing, we will enjoy luncheon served in the RM cafeteria.


1931 Daimler Double Six 50 Corsica Coupe - judged Best of Show, 2008 Pebble Beach Concours


The upholstery shop at RM Restorations

  • Saturday's Second Stop: Steve Plunkett's Fleetwood Salon, London, Ontario
    Steve Plunkett's 105 acre estate includes stone homes, ponds, bridges, a 3-car/10,000 sq. ft. showroom full of memorabeiia, and his 8,000 sq. ft. Fleetwood Salon dedicated to Cadillac (Classics and others).  Since completing the Fleetwood Salon in 2008 Steve has managed to fill it (see photo below) - a highight will be seeing five (5) V-16s !  Host to Canada's largest outdoor car show, Steve has raised millions for charity.


Steve Plunkett shown in his "Fleetwood Salon" - his collection of Cadillacs is highlighted by more than five V-16s !Fleetwood_Salon_3.PNG

The Fleetwood Salon exhibits

  • Saturday's Third Stop: Best Western 'Stoneridge Inn', London, Ontario
    A short drive will take us to the Stoneridge Inn where we will stay overnight and have dinner at Pasto's Grille.  Room reservations at our group rate must be made by you (phone 519-652-6022 and mention the CCCA - total room rate is $114.00 US funds).  They will have a parking area for our vehicles and in the morning water & towels will be provided to wipe down you Classic.  Dinner will be served at Pastos' Grille (on site) where you
     select from among several entrees (dinner is included in your registration fee - alcoholic beverages are available but not included).


Spend the night at the Best Western - Stoneridge Inn in London, Ontario


Enjoy Saturday dinner at Pasto's Grille

Sunday, May 17 Itinerary:
Sunday morning the Stoneridge Inn provides a full, hot breakfast from 7:30-10 AM;  Water & towels will be available in the parking area. 

  • Sunday's First Stop: Mike Fairbairn's private collection, Chatham, Ontario
    We will drive to visit Mike Fairbairns collection.  Mike, a CCCA Board member and member of our Region, has agreed to host us at his private collection.  Mike has a building with Classics and other vehicles, memorabilia, and exhibits.  Lunch will be provided at Mike's after our tour.



Mike Fairbairn's Collection includes several Full Classic® cars as well as motorcycles, memorabilia, antiques, muscle cars, brass era cars, etc.

  • Sunday's Second Stop: Wildly Delish, Sombra, Ontario
    Who would go on a  Michigan/Ontario Region tour be without stoping for ice cream ?  We will take a short drive to Sombra, Ontario to convene for ice cream before embarking on the Blue Water Ferry to the USA.  (Note: an ice cream sundae or cone is included in your registration fee)



What's your choice ?

  • Sunday's Third Stop: Blue Water Ferry, Sombra, Ontario
    This should be a unique experience for most of us - it is an open ferry (you can get out of your car and stand by the rail) for a short ride across the St. Clair River to Marysville, Michigan.  While we will pass through US Customs it promises to be smoother & faster than some of the more highly traveled entry points.


Ride the Blue Water Ferry from Sombra, Ontario to the USA - a short but unique trip where you can exit your car during the trip & expect to see freighters and other water craft.  

  • Sunday's Fourth Stop: River Crab Restaurant, St. Clair, Michigan
    The River Crab restaurant is situated on the bank of the St. Clair River overlooking Canada and the freighter channel.  Serving fine food in a relaxed atmosphere - choose from a menu especially prepared for us (dinner is included in your registration fee; alcoholic beverages are available but not included) and enjoy !


The River Crab dinner concludes our tour.  If you don't need to rush home right away you can enjoy an after dinner cocktail or soda on the outdoor deck.  NOTE: as the picture shows, the driveway & parking lot are on the bank of the river and steep - be sure to check your brakes !

Now you must be curious about the route we will drive in order to see all of these wonderful venues ?


And there's so much happening that you're wondering if I could summarize the highlights of this tour so your 'significant other' will be ever grateful you are taking him/her on this terrific excursion ?

And, how much is it going to cost me ?


 And lastly, y0u need to know how you can sign up for this bargain before the tour is booked !


Besides registering, one other thing needs to happen ! 

You have to call the Best Western 'Stoneridge Inn'

to make your room reservation: 519-652-6022

Be sure to mention the Michigan Region CCCA tour and our group rate: $98.00
(Note: including the Ontario tax the total charged to yor credit card will be $114.00 US

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