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Dear Michigan/Ontario Region Members -

I am constantly being contacted with, notified of, and stumbling across information that seems interesting and worth sharing.  In many cases the material stays on my computer as notes or references for future use and then, sometimes I find it and can't seem to remember how I came across it or why I thought it was important.  And there are the notice and reminders that are worth updating and repeating. 

With that statement as your only preparation for this newsletter - I hope you find some of the following of interest and informative enough that it will stir you to action.    

As always, I would appreciate any feedback, contributions, or assistance.

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The good old days ? 

How many of you also remember swiping a lump of coal to
write on the sidewalk, stoking the furnace,
carrying out the clinkers & ashes, etc. ?

Can anyone identify the truck ?

Know the neighborhood ?


Humor (?)

This one is probably meant for those of you who have grandchildren - depending upon age
and how well you have been indoctrinating them in the vocabulary of cars.

Why does a chicken coop always have two doors ? 
Because if it had four doors it would be a sedan !



Vehicles seen on the Public TV show -
'Downton Abbey'




...The Weird and Wonderful...

Do you remember as a kid listening to The Shadow on the radio ?  Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 6 PM, as I remember.  Lamont Cranston, aka "The Shadow," was a crime-fighter who  '..could cloud men's minds..' so he was invisible.  As a kid I always thought it would be neat to be invisible. 

Now it seems like that is possible - view a video of a really wierd 'paint' developed at the U of M Engineering Department of all places. 

!!!You have to see this  !!!

(before you call me to tell me what you think about it

look at the date of this newsletter)



When fins were in...1960... The Bobby Darin "Dream Car" - sent in by Bob Denk

Bobby_Darin_3.jpegThe 1960 Di Dia 150 was a luxury, custom-designed iconic, handmade car also known as the "Dream Car" forever associated with its second owner, singer Bobby Darin.   The car was designed by Andrew Di Dia, a clothing designer, who Bobby Darin had met whilst on tour in Detroit in 1957.  Darin telling Di Dia at the time that he would purchase the car if he ever "hit it big."
For seven years, from 1953 to 1960 the Di Dia 150 was hand-built by four workers, at a cost of $93,647.29 but sold to Darin in 1961 at a cost of over $150,000 (1.5 million today).   At the time the car was listed as most expensive 'custom-made' car in the world by the Guinness Book of Records.


What, a blind spot? 
Therefore they made the rear roof all glass.
Bobby_Darin_2.jpegThe body was hand-formed by RonClark  and constructed by Bob Kaiser from Clark Kaiser Customs.


That's all Folks !
(at least for now)



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